Washington State Passes Gay Marriage Bill Thanks to Politicians With a Soul (VIDEO)

Maureen Walsh speaks to Washington legislature about gay marriage
GOP Rep. Maureen Walsh gives pro-gay marriage speech
Stomp on the glass and say, "Mazel tov!" because it's official! Washington has become the seventh state to legalize same-sex marriage! Governor Chris Gregoire signed the bill into law today and said, "I'm proud our same-sex couples will no longer be treated as separate but equal." Whoo hoo -- VICTORY!

To the rest of the country, it might seem like this legislation went off without a hitch! But while it feels like it was a lot easier for Washington to get 'er done than some other states (cough like California), the road up to to this point hasn't been a completely bump-less one, and there could be challenges ahead as well. Nonetheless, the state's politicians should be super proud of themselves for having a civil, smart debate about the bill ... during which there was one especially heartwarming standout moment.


Republican State Representative Maureen Walsh spoke to her colleagues in the legislature the other day, and video of her speech has gone viral ... for good reason. See, as Walsh explains, she is a widow and the mother of a daughter who happens to be gay. As is true for any politician, Walsh's heart and mind have colored and shaped her opinions, and it's really interesting to hear her explain her thoughts on the bill ... 

Bravo to her! Rep. Walsh may not think she can "wax as eloquently" as some of her peers, but her speech will be one for the history books given how honest, passionate, and on-point it was. I'm so impressed with Walsh's ability to put party lines aside and come to a decision based on what she truly feels, as a human being, is right. Conservative identity aside, she realized that denying same-sex couples marriage and offering them "domestic partnership" is no consolation, that "separate but equal" is not how we're supposed to roll here in the U.S.A. -- or at least how they will choose to roll now in Washington.

Seems to me the kind of open-mindedness and humanity displayed by Walsh is precisely what helped Washington state politicians see eye-to-eye on this issue. Now if only those doofuses down in D.C. could start doing the same thing, we'd be in much better shape as a country!

What do you think about Rep. Walsh's speech?


Image via WAHouseVideo/YouTube

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