Jerry Sandusky Should NOT Be Allowed to See His Grandchildren

jerry sanduskyJerry Sandusky just doesn't get it, does he? The former Penn State assistant football coach currently awaiting trial on 52 (52!) child sexual assault charges seems to think he's entitled to visit with his grandchildren. And that conditions of his house arrest should be eased to accommodate said visits. Outrageous, right? That's what Pennsylvania's attorney general thought of Sandusky's request, pointing out that the former coach is "fortunate" to be under house arrest in the first place given the accusations leveled against him.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with the attorney general (and me). Judge John Cleland has ruled that Sandusky will in fact be allowed to visit with most of his grandchildren (excluding three who are involved in a custody battle).


Apparently the grandchildren are willing to see him and their parents support the ruling. I doubt Sandusky will be left alone with any of the kids (I hope he isn't anyway!), so my concern isn't for his grandchildren's immediate safety. But this definitely isn't going to help Sandusky face the fact that he did something -- many things -- wrong.

As recently as last week, Sandusky said it was "difficult to understand" why so many people were turning on him, even people who spent time "in his home with their kids."

Gee, Jerry, I can't imagine why that would be. Seriously?

This is the whole problem with Jerry Sandusky -- he's convinced himself he wasn't doing anything wrong. And without severe consequences, there's no reason for him to believe otherwise. Hey, if they're letting the man see his grandchildren, he can't be too much of a monster, right?

The special treatment for Jerry Sandusky needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

Do you think Jerry Sandusky should be allowed to see his grandchildren?


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