New Evidence in Josh Powell Case Offers 'Hope' At Saddest Time

Little Charlie and Braden Powell were just 5 and 7. They never asked to be at the center of a horrific crime investigation after their mother Susan Powell disappeared. They never asked to be born to Josh Powell, a man so consumed by his own needs and desires that he would blow up his own babies rather than face the investigation into his wife's disappearance.

They never asked for any of it. And yet, they paid the ultimate price. Yesterday, amid new clues that make their father look guiltier than ever in the disappearance of their mother, these two innocent victims, described as "clever" and "amazing" by those at the funeral, were laid to rest.

One thing we can all agree on is the unbelievably tragic nature of this crime. It is just so senseless that these young boys suffered so needlessly, first by losing their mother and then being murdered by their father. 


Maybe, the new clues that have emerged in the case will help bring some semblance of justice to a case so tragic that is almost impossible to wrap our heads around. It seems a storage locker Powell visited before the murder-suicide had some clues investigators had missed before.

On Friday, authorities discovered a blood-stained comforter in Josh Powell's storage unit. He had visited the unit one day before he killed himself and his two sons. Though it is unclear whether the blood is his wife's, the discovery does possibly move things forward and can maybe give some hope that Susan Powell's parents will someday be able to know what happened to their daughter.

The sad truth is, at this point, there can be no real justice in this world. If Powell did murder his wife, then his crime will go unpunished. But that does not mean Chuck and Judy Cox, Susan Powell's parents, should continue to be punished by not knowing where their daughter is.

The only semblance of justice for this poor family would be to allow them to bury their daughter and know what happened in her final moments (assuming she is dead). No one can help Charles and Braden, but investigators may be able to help the Cox family get some form of closure.

Let's not pretend that "closure" will make it all better. The Cox family will grieve for a lifetime. But at least answers could help ease one kind of suffering for them.

Maybe, with the investigation of Josh Powell's father and the uncovering of these new clues, the Cox family will finally be able to find out what happened to their child and at least that agony may get some closure.

Does this story break your heart, too?


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