Scary School Bus Fire Doesn't Turn Tragic Thanks to Heroic Driver (VIDEO)

school bus firePretty much the most horrifying image I can think of is a school bus engulfed in flames. Pretty much the most horrifying task I can think of is rescuing a bunch of little kids from a school bus engulfed in flames.  But that's exactly what 37-year-old Lindora Richardson did this week.

It was just an average Wednesday afternoon run for the Charlotte, NC school bus driver. Same as every other day, driving the same Chantilly Montessori Elementary students home after school.

There were 6 kids left on the bus when it started filling with thick, black smoke.


Yikes! School bus on fire! I can't even imagine how scared those kids were.

Thank God Richardson is the type to stay cool under pressure! As calmly as if she were leading a fire safety drill, the driver simply pulled over, led the children to the back of the bus and caught them as they jumped to the street. Nobody was hurt.


And modest, too. Richardson's comments?

"I was just doing my job, I feel like the kids were heroes. They stayed safe and calm under the whole situation, so I would call them the heroes."

Yeah, but you know what, Lindora Richardson?

You're still a hero. Sorry, you just are.

I mean, look at this video!

Is Lindora Richardson a hero for saving the kids on her school bus?


Image via jettmediaproductions/YouTube

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