Heinous Cat Killer Murders 34th Victim

catHere's something super depressing: there's a serial cat killer on the loose in Somerset, England. Over the last four years, this asshole has been lacing foods like biscuits, cat food, and chicken with antifreeze and feeding it poor, unsuspecting kitties. The latest victim was Fudge, a loving house-cat whose owners had to put him down after the antifreeze poison caused excruciating renal failure. The perp has now killed a total of 34 cats, and there aren't yet any leads.

Anyone who is murdering cats or causing any unnecessary suffering to animals needs to be punished to the fullest extent. I'm so mad right now I could spit.


No one knows who's behind these heinous crimes or why he or she would do such a thing, but if I were in this town, I'd want some answers, and now. Anyone who's guilty of killing innocent animals is clearly a dangerous and unstable person, and who knows what they could do next. I learned from Law & Order that the signs of a serial killer are that they hurt animals, burn stuff, and wet the bed. So ... yeah. This cat killer is a sociopath who needs to be caught. And whose sheets probably need to be changed.

I'm probably taking this news story a little hard because I'm such an unabashed cat lover. I don't currently have any, or have any posters or calendars of them for that matter (though, yeah, my desktop is two kittens in a shoe. come on! so cute.), but I really respect the feline. And I also like their snuggles and the way they stare out windows and how you can dangle a piece of yarn in front of them and you're suddenly inseparable besties for life. Cats rule.

I'm going to go watch a bunch of adorable cat videos now to get this awful dead kitty news off the brain. So very sad and disturbing. Hope they catch this maniac, and soon.

How terrible is this?


Photo via vincent.chen/Flickr

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