'Sh*t Mitt Says' Finally Shows Romney's Hilarious Side (VIDEO)

mitt romneyI know you're so over all those "sh*t people say" videos, but there's just one more you need to see. This one is called Sh*t Mitt Says and it's a compilation of some of Mitt Romney's best moments. Well, maybe not his best moments, but funny ones that are totally cringe-worthy in an LOL sort of way. The G.O.P. presidential candidate certainly has a way with words, and isn't afraid to be caught telling the same joke over and over and over again.

What's different about this video is that it's actually of Mitt himself, and not someone dressed as Mitt. It was made by a Democratic Super PAC, so clearly, there's an agenda here.


All you have to do is watch the first few seconds to know this video is about making Mitt look silly. Who let the dogs out? Hilare.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the right comes out with a Sh*t Obama Says video. Well to be fair, a few already exist, but they haven't gotten nearly the same amount of views as Mitt's. If Republicans want to parody the president, they're going to have to step up their game to compete on this level.

That said, this Mitt video is pretty harmless. It just kind of makes the guy look goofy. There's nothing particularly harsh about it -- everyone already knows he thinks corporations are people and that the poor have a safety net -- but his awkward laugh is a little grating. So fake. So forced. So obviously buying time. The only thing I really took away from this is that Mitt's hair always has been, and always will be, fantastic.

Watch Sh*t Mitt Says:

What are your thoughts on the video?


Photo via americanbridge21st/YouTube

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