CPAC Hero Alert: Victoria Jackson Is Saving America From Communism (VIDEO)

victoria jacksonYou know what the best thing is about the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)? Not the free donuts. And not the wing-nuts. Nope, it's Victoria Jackson, the loopiest right-winger around. Where would conservative politics be without this wacky dame? She is their court jester, the non-office-holding (thank god!) answer to Al Franken. Let's hear it for Barmy Vicki!

It is with great pleasure that we share this Huffington Post interview with Victoria. You hardly even need to say anything to her -- just hold a microphone, put in a quarter, and watch her go. So Victoria, tell us, what do YOU bring to CPAC?


"Hi Huffington Post. You're written a lot of mean articles about me!" she chides, wagging her finger. Oh my god, I love her. That voice! I need to hear more of it. 

Ah yes, she's here to SAVE AMERICA FROM COMMUNISM! Sound the battle cry, Victoria. The Bolsheviks are here to take our farms! Hide your pigs! And who are these communists? Please, point them out so we can fire up our torches and pitchforks and run them up to Canada, with the rest of the communists. President Obama, of course, and Nancy Pelosi, naturally. And oh yeah, VAN JONES.

Huh? Van Jones? Who knew green energy was actually RED politics.

"The people in power are not Americans. They're socialist, radicals, and communists, and ... (goes blank for a moment) that's really bad!" So we learned something today: Being a socialist, radical, or communist automatically revokes your American citizenship. Now you know. 

"You can make fun of me all you want. I'm not going away!" Oh Victoria, I WANT YOU TO STAY! No one wants you to go away! We love making fun of you. And seriously, a liberal blacklist? Awww, won't someone give this poor woman a job

Do you think Victoria represents conservative Americans well?


Image via HuffPostPolitics/YouTube

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