'Ugliest Rat on the Subway' Will Make You Grateful for Your Rodent-Free Office (PHOTO)

cute rat
This is NOT the Ugliest Rat!
Hating on your job lately? Just one look at the winner of New York City's "Ugliest Rat on the Subway" contest and your gig won't seem so bad. Unless perhaps you work on a cockroach farm or at a sewage plant.

Rats are kind of a big deal in the Big Apple, in case you didn't know. Lots of cities have the same problem, I guess, but I could swear NYC rats have the most attitude. I'm pretty sure they think we're the pests instead of the other way around.

And boy, are they bold! Especially in subway stations. Make no mistake, once you go underground you're nothing more than a visitor in Rat Kingdom.

Which is bad enough for the average straphanger. Dealing with rodents on your commute is unpleasant, to be sure. But for the thousands of transit employees essentially forced to share their workspace with the vile creatures, it's got to be nearly unbearable.

Enter the "New Yorkers Deserve a Rat Free Subway" initiative ...


And the "Ugliest Rat on the Subway" contest.

See, the Transit Workers Union has been trying to get the MTA's attention so they'll step up their garbage collection efforts (garbage = rat food). So they put out a call for subway riders to take pictures of the gnarly rodents they saw every day and enter their disgusting-est shots in the Ugliest Rat contest.

And the winner is ... 61-year-old Michael Spivak, who snapped this disturbing pic on the platform of the Seventh Avenue and 53rd Street Station:

ugliest rat

Bleeggggh ...

Spivak will get a free monthly Metro Card pass as his prize.

The rest of us just get to have nightmares about that sorry little creature for years to come.

Have you ever seen a rat on the subway in NYC?


Images via Rebecca Lai/Flickr and ratfreesubways.com

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