Incredible 7-Year-Old Fighting Off Kidnapper Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

Wal-Mart kidnapping attemptSo I'm going to guess you didn't wake up this morning thinking, "you know, I haven't heard a good child abduction story in awhile." Well, I'm sorry, but you're going to get one anyway. But I promise the story of how a 7-year-old girl managed to escape from a guy who was trying to kidnap her is really good one!

Store cameras captured images that will chill every parent to the bone. A man swoops into the toy aisle at a Wal-Mart in Georgia, grabs little Brittney Baxter and starts to make off with her. But then comes the good part. She gets away! You see this little figure in pink darting toward the top of the screen, while the guy in grey goes the other way!


Yes!! Let's hear it for stranger danger training! Heck, let's hear it for a little girl who thought fast under extreme pressure and actually REMEMBERED all that stranger danger training.

I'm cheering this one for a few reasons, to be honest. On the one hand, as a mom, I know I can show this to my daughter as another "look, this is WHY I tell you to stick close to my side in stores" example just to hammer home our own stranger talks. But it's also as a mom that I really have a tough time when these stories turn out the other way.

We have had so many horrific stories of kids hurt in the news lately -- from that awful case in Washington where a dad actually hurt his own sons to those horrible allegations of sex abuse in Pennsylvania -- that make it hard to even watch the news. You want to be informed, but sometimes your heart just can't take it.

So we don't wake up saying, "hey, I could use a good story about something that's normally pretty awful." But the fact is, we could ALWAYS use a nice story to counteract the awful.

Did Brittney's escape make your heart sing today? What's the best story you've heard today?


Image via ABC7

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