Woolly Mammoth Sighting Means Snuffleupagus Is Alive & Well!

woolly mammoth

So today is potentially the most exciting day of our entire lives. Nope, they're not handing out free heart-shaped donuts in the lobby. Better. New video has emerged from a paranormal enthusiast who claims he's captured a woolly mammoth on tape. Sure, there are naysayers -- apparently some people are reluctant to believe that a blurry, ten second clip of a furry being in a river is proof that an animal that's been extinct over 10,000 years ago is still roaming the earth -- but who cares about "science" and "questionable authenticity" when there's a possibility that Snuffleupagus is alive and well and living in Siberia?

Not us.


I know you're with me when it comes to blindly believing any and all suspicions that woolly mammoths are alive. So what that it's weird that the cameraman decided to stop rolling only after a matter of seconds? So what if it kinda looks like a bear with a fish in it's mouth? And what of the fact that there's probably not a camera in the world that has a focus quality that utterly abysmal. And, come on, who cares that the guy responsible for the footage also captured an alien on film in Brazil and makes a living hunting the supernatural?

From Big Foot in North Carolina to Chupacabra sightings in Texas to Kraken bones in the desert to Alaskan sea monsters, our world is full of exciting things just waiting to be video taped and uploaded to the Internet. So welcome, Woolly Mammoth. Go ahead and introduce yourself to these other Internet animals and make yourself at home. We're happy to have you, no matter if you're real or not-so-real. Looking forward to seeing you some more, big fella!

Watch our Woolly cross a river.

Sooooo ... what do you think?


Photo via The Sun

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