George Huguely's Violent History With Dead Girlfriend Could Ruin Him

george huguely murder trialIt's nearly impossible to remain impartial and unbiased as evidence is presented in the second day of the trial of George Huguely V, the former University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love. Not only are the details of the murder gruesome and difficult to stomach, but the tearful testimonies of Love's family and friends strike an emotional cord as well.

Even though Huguely's lawyers' defense is that he killed her but her death was "an accident" and "not something he planned or wanted to happen," it's still really hard to have any sort of compassion for this guy.


Huguely himself has confessed to kicking in the door of Love's bedroom the night she died and shaking her ... but then his story diverges from the prosecutors, who are out to prove that he intended to kill her.

Prosecution witnesses claim that Huguely and Love had a rocky relationship, and that Huguely had been violent to Love before: Three months prior to her death, friends saw him choking her at a party. Prosecutors also told the jury that he had sent her a threatening email a few days before her death that read: "I should have killed you." They maintain that Huguely banged Love's head against the wall, and that she ultimately died of blunt force trauma and violent injuries to the head.

The defense team is a telling a much different story, however, arguing that while the couple's relationship was volatile, Huguely never intended to kill her. Rather, her death was an accident: He shook her, yes, but then she actually died of positional asphyxia (laying weird in her bed after mixing alcohol with prescription drugs). The evidence for his lack of intent? He left Love's apartment -- thinking she just had a nosebleed -- with her computer to use as collateral so she'd have to see him again. Now is that something a cold-blooded killer would do?

Obviously, more will become clear with autopsy reports, but to anyone that isn't on the jury, doesn't this seem like we're splitting hairs? Maybe we can't agree as to whether he's a violent abuser or an accidental murderer, but what does it matter when a beautiful young girl is dead resulting either directly or indirectly from his violent behavior. Either way it's not looking good for this guy.

Do you have any compassion for Huguely?

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