Terrible Gang Member Steals Girl’s Puppy -- But Alas, Justice Is Served!

Pit Bull
You mess with the bull, you get the horns.
One of the worst crimes to me, besides murder and rape, is dog-napping. And I say this 100% seriously. As a dog owner, lover of all things animal, and a human being, I can't think of a lower low. Who steals somebody's puppy? It takes a special person to stoop to that level, and they should be punished accordingly.

And, hey look at that, sometimes they are!

A gang member from Los Angeles was just sentenced to six years in prison for stealing a little girl's pit bull two years ago. Justice served, ya heard?


The crime was committed two years ago. Apparently, a 9-year-old girl was standing outside of a market with her puppy, Mia, while her uncle was inside buying the pet a pink collar. As she was waiting, a man, Jose Castrejon, came up behind her, grabbed Mia by the neck and started running -- he pulled the little girl, who held on to the leash, with him for a bit. Eventually she let go, and the next day Castrejon was arrested and Mia was returned to her rightful owner! Yay! But the good news doesn't stop there. Just this week, Castrejon was sentenced to six years in state prison for robbery. Dog robbery.

I don't care what kind of person you are or what type of lifestyle you live, you don't mess with or steal people's animals. It's a senseless cruelty beyond cruel -- and if you're gonna go there, I say six years in the slammer is a pretty suitable punishment.

Do you think six years in prison is suitable for stealing a little girl's puppy? A little girl's puppy!


Image via Roy Montgomery/Flickr

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