Creepy Jerry Sandusky Is Still Lurking Around Kids

Jerry SanduskyIf you were hoping the lack of news on the progress of the Jerry Sandusky prosecution meant the man accused of sexually abusing a host of young boys had dropped off the face of the earth raise your hand. I'm sorry to disappoint you folks, but not only is Sandusky alive and well, he's still managing to creep people out while on house arrest at his home near Penn State.

According to the alleged child molester's concerned neighbors, Sandusky has taken to loitering outside his home during the day. And now for the creepy part. Sandusky lives right near an elementary school. And guess what that elementary school has? Yup, a playground. And in case you need me to spell it out for you, playgrounds just so happen to be popular with young children.



Listen, I know that Jerry Sandusky is innocent in a court of law until the prosecutors in Pennsylvania actually prove -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that he was abusing the children he met through his football program, The Second Mile. As a supporter of our United States Constitution, I will defend his right to "innocent until proven guilty" until I die. But the fact is, every time we turn around, this guy is doing something else to give us the heebie jeebies.

Instead he's allegedly ogling the playground, and prosecutors say he's been moaning to the courts that he wants contact with his grandkids restored. At least one of Sandusky's ex-daughters-in-law is saying no way, but a hearing tomorrow will determine if he gets access to the kids.

Doesn't this guy want to at least pretend he understands the serious nature of the charges against him? He's facing 52 charges of sex offenses against kids. FIFTY-TWO! At the very least, he could acknowledge that perception is everything, and try to act like he doesn't have an unnatural affinity for spending time with children. It might make it easier for the rest of us to give him the benefit of the doubt until trial.

Do you think Sandusky should be allowed outside of his home if there's a playground nearby?

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