Looks Like Mitt Romney Profits Off 'Abortive Pills' in Every Way

Mitt Romney is running for President of the United States on a platform that is staunchly anti-abortion. He has stated (more than once) that life begins at conception and that the morning after pill and its ilk are akin to murder. So why is so much of his money tied up in companies that make these pills? Is he just one giant hypocrite?

The answer: Yes. But it is more complicated than that. Romney wants to be president so badly, it is almost sad. He is a bit like the weird girl at the middle school dance who will do anything (ANYTHING!) to dance with the most popular guy in the school. In this case, "anything" includes telling his potential voters that he believes the morning after pill is murder even when he made $600,000 in 2010 on investments heavy in pharmaceuticals. Some of these include Watson Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Mylan, and Merck.

Just Watson makes nine different forms of morning after pills. That's a lot of "murder," right?


It's not that I agree with Romney. I don't. But I do expect people to put their money where their mouth is, especially a person as smart with money as Romney and especially when dealing with something as serious as "abortive pills" (the words Romney once used to describe the morning after pill).

This is a man who has made millions of dollars over the years. This is a man who signed documents indicating that he is well-aware of every company in which he invests in 2008. In other words, Romney really does not care where his money is coming from as long as it is rolling in.

In that, we have the crux of who Romney is. His desperation for money and power are palpable and the two sometimes can't co-exist.

Personally, I would rather vote for 10 presidents who do things I don't agree with but are honest about who they are than a single one who is a con artist. And that is what Romney is. He is a con artist in the truest sense. He wants to con the American voter out of their ballot and he will say anything to get it.

I don't agree with being anti-choice (and I question whether Romney even really is), but if he had integrity, I could at least respect it. As of now, it seems Romney cares more about money than his feelings about the unborn. Is that really the kind of person we want running the country?

Which is it, dear Romney? Are you pro-choice, anti-choice, or none of the above? Is your real position that you want whatever will give you the highest return on your financial investment and pave that desired road toward the White House? The man has zero integrity and one needs only to follow his money to see it.

Do you find this hypocritical?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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