2 Sick Puppies Walk Into Human Emergency Room for Help (VIDEO)

This is such a sweet story: Two sick dogs walked into the lobby of Christus Spohn Shoreline hospital in Texas, and waited with the other patients to be seen. The puppies were dog tired and emaciated, and obviously really smart. They also trusted people enough to seek help from them.

And the humans came through for these canine cuties. Rather than kicking them out or calling in the doggie police, the staff decided to give the animals the help they needed: Sausages, bacon, and a little TLC. 

After the feast fit for a King (or Duke or Fido), the hospital staff called the local humane society, which agreed to take the dogs if someone dropped them off. The doctor agreed and off they all went.


The news van thing is a little weird, but even if the hospital wanted some good PR for its good deed, it's still a wonderful thing.

The puppies will be ready for adoption in a few weeks -- I really hope someone takes the two of them together! And you'll find other cuties looking for homes at the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Have you ever adopted a dog?



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