Insanely Enormous Whale Shark Will Make You RESPECT Mother Nature (VIDEO)

whale sharkSo we all knew whale sharks were big -- that's why they call 'em whale sharks, right? But I personally never had a sense of how enormously huge they are until I saw this clip of a whole lotta Pakastani fishermen hoisting a dead whale shark onto a pier in the port city of Karachi.

At over 36 feet long and weighing more than 7,000 kg, the fishermen needed five cranes to haul their catch out of the water. (They didn't kill the shark, by the way, they found it floating unconscious in the open sea.)

The imagery is mind-blowing. My first thought: Wait, is this a clip from Godzilla?!


It's not clear how the shark died, but some experts think it might have gotten caught in a net before the fishermen made their discovery.

It's a shame this incredible animal had to die, but it definitely wasn't in vain. If this isn't a head's up straight from Mother Nature herself, I don't know what is. Like, Hey! You know those big bodies of salty water? The ones you guys throw toxic garbage in all the time? Stuff like this whale shark lives in that water! Impressive, I know. So stop dumping crap in there, okay?

Here on land, I think sometimes we forget the Earth is mostly water and most of that water (71 percent) is made up of salt water oceans. Maybe that's why it's easy for us to turn a blind eye to the unfathomably fantastic creatures hidden beneath those ocean waves.

Just watch ... this is one creature you won't soon forget:


Does this footage make you think about what other amazing animals are in the ocean and how we should protect them?


Image via mcghori/YouTube

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