Missing Alaska Teen's Father Must Know More Than He's Telling (VIDEO)

james koenigAs is often the case, it sounds like the armed man who abducted 18-year-old Samantha Koenig from the Anchorage coffee stand where she worked wasn't necessarily a stranger -- even if the police seem to think otherwise. According to Koenig's father, James, Samantha filed a restraining order against a man she "barely knew" back in November, but was "too afraid" to show up for the court hearing and the order was never issued.

Koenig's father also says he never wanted his daughter to work at the coffee "shack" in the first place: The city's dozen or so espresso stands are known for being occasional robbery targets, and baristas are usually young women working alone. He says he wanted Samantha to study nursing, something she really wanted to do.

But that's pretty much all James Koenig is saying at this point, though he admits to having theories about who kidnapped his daughter.


Why isn't he talking?

Koenig apparently doesn't want to accuse any people by name in case they turn out to be innocent. Which is certainly the cautious, commendable way to go in this situation.

But here's what I really want to know: If he's not telling the press, is James Koenig at least telling the police his suspicions? How much the distraught dad is sharing with law enforcement, if anything, isn't clear. Would things somehow get worse for Samantha if he voiced his opinions? The whole thing makes me think James Koenig feels like Samantha's life is dangling by a thread and he's afraid to send her kidnapper the wrong message.

Meanwhile, Anchorage police are similarly tight-lipped. They're refusing to release surveillance tape from the coffee stand that shows Samantha leaving with the armed man (wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and possibly a baseball cap) because there's "no way" the video would further the investigation. They also won't specify what sort of weapon the man was carrying or how Samantha reacted except to say the footage makes it clear Samantha was "taken against her will."

The police are aware of the restraining order that was filed, but still don't think Samantha knew her abductor. And her dad does think he knows who it was? Something's not adding up.

Maybe the question at this point isn't "who" abducted Samantha Koenig, but where he took her, what he did to her, and why ... plus when (and if) she's coming back.

Do you think Samantha Koenig's dad knows who kidnapped her? Did she know her kidnapper?

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