Woman Blames Giant Breasts for Her DUI

cop carHere's a tip, ladies. If you're ever pulled over for a DUI (not that you would, because that's bad, but just go with me), keep in mind that you have two assets that might help you talk your way out of an arrest. A woman in Florida was pulled over for poor driving, and when the cop issued her a sobriety test, she claimed she couldn't walk in a straight line because of her breasts. Yup, Boobs McGees was all My jugs be too huge! They make me walk funny! But the cop wasn't having it. He didn't fall for any of the bra-zen lies she was implanting in his head.

After all, if she's not zig-zagging her way on the sidewalk while sober, trying to wrangle in her big ol' snack trays, her whole story is a bust.


What an excuse, though, you know? Sorry, officer, I'd love to walk this straight line for you, but you see, my enormous breasts make me waddle from side to side like a depressed elephant. I've heard some great excuses given by people trying to talk their way out of a DUI arrest, but this defense is a new one, and it's by far the breast. Best!

The story doesn't end there, though. In an attempt to further illustrate her point to the cop, Boobs McGees started to take off her clothes to show the poor officer just what kind of hooters she was hiding, but that didn't work, either. Shocking, I know. McGees was arrested and got the book thrown at her. No word on if they'll ever get that book back -- her cleavage is insanely deep.

What's the funniest excuse you've heard from someone trying to avoid arrest?


Photo via davidsonscott15/Flickr

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