Josh Powell & 2 Sons Believed Dead in 'Intentional' Explosion

josh powellIn what police are calling a murder-suicide, Josh Powell and his two sons are believed dead from an explosion and fire at Josh's home. The tragic incident happened this afternoon. 

This is a horrible way for the Susan Powell case to conclude. In December 2009, mom of two Susan Powell went missing. The same night she went missing, her husband Josh took their two young boys camping. In the middle of winter. Since then, the investigation has dragged up the most sickening load of gruesome details, implicating both Josh and his father, Steven Powell in what investigators believe to be the murder of Susan.


The boys had been in the custody of their maternal grandparents. Meanwhile, Josh had been ordered to undergo psycho-sexual evaluation. Reportedly Josh was angry both about the custody arrangement and his impending evaluation. But today a case worker brought the boys for a "supervised" visit with Josh at Steven's home. According to the reports, Josh somehow blocked the case worker, who is said to have smelled gas, from entering the home, and minutes later the house exploded.

Just before the explosion that is believed to have taken the family's lives, Josh's lawyer reports receiving an email from him saying simply, "I'm sorry, goodbye."

More than anything else, this story is incredibly sad. Charlie, age 7, and Braden, age 5, should never have lost their mother. And it now appears their lives have been cut short, which should never have happened to these innocent children. I'm just stick to my stomach over this. I was so relieved when Charlie and Braden were put in Susan's parents' care. And I was hoping that the police were getting closer to solving the case. I think this implicates Josh strongly in his wife's disappearance. He will never have to answer for it, though. His death slams the door on justice.

Josh Powell discusses the case this summer in the video below.

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