Obama in Super Bowl Interview with Matt Lauer Is Super Diplomatic (VIDEO)

Barack obama matt lauerMatt Lauer, you just got thrown an gigasecond-long live interview with President Obama during your pre-game show. Are you going to run like hell straight down that field, or are you going to do some crazy zig-zag thing? Oop, looks like he's going for the zig-zag. First he asks how "hot is Tom Brady," and then -- whatcha gonna do if Israel invades Iran? Ohhhh, I think I just got whiplash listening to this interview.

Well, the good news is that for Obama, it's all about diplomacy. We're not getting into another land war in the Middle East (yet). And he's not picking sides for the Super Bowl.


Okay, so let's go back to that Israel-Iran question. Tensions have been building between the two nations. Israel has been threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, which is kind of like your neighbor threatening to keep his Odyssey parked half-way on the sidewalk so you have to walk around his damn minivan every single day. Dah! Those guys. But you're working on that nuclear warhead in your back yard so maybe you're kind of asking for it?So Obama says diplomacy is his "preferred solution," but then he's diplomatic about using diplomacy and says "no options are off the table" just to cover his bases.

Is anyone still reading? I know -- talking foreign policy right before the Super Bowl starts. Whose idea was this interview?

Matt, Matt, Matt, you're working too hard. This is not Meet the Press. This is one interview where you could have segued into "Madonna, she's still got it, right?" And then Obama says, "Yes, Matt, indeed she does. But I bet Michelle could still do more push-ups than Madonna." And you both have a laugh and we go back to our 7-layer dip and beer. Enjoy the game, everyone!

What did you think of Matt Lauer's pre-game live interview with President Obama?


Image via MSNBC


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