This Is Why Inmates Should Not Be Allowed to Make State Police Decals

piggieYou know how sometimes you find yourself rooting for the bad guy in a movie or on TV or whatever? Cause let's face it, sometimes the good guy is really boring, just some vanilla Dudley Do-Right type, and the bad guy is super funny and clever and has all these mischievous expressions that make him look really hot even though you know he's up to no good.

So, I don't have the slightest idea what the good guys or bad guys in this story look like. However, that being said, I have a feeling I'll be rooting for the bad guy when and if the movie version comes out.


It all started when somebody in the Vermont State Police Force had this bright idea ...


"Hey, you know those decals that go on our patrol cars? Yeah, the ones with the official Vermont State Police Force seal? You know who we should get to make those very official, highly visible decals?"

"The inmates! That'll give 'em something to do."

Mm-hmm. That's right. You can guess what happened when that genius plan was put into action. Yes, one of those inmates (the one I'm picturing to be the clever hot dude in the movie) went into the computer file and ... altered the official police emblem. Not a lot, not enough so that the change would be totally obvious, but ... enough.

See, the official emblem was a nature scene of sorts: Majestic evergreen tree, snowy mountains, a lone cow grazing in the green grass.

After the inmate's stealth redesign? Majestic evergreen tree, snowy mountains, a lone cow (with one of its spots in the very definite shape of a pig) grazing in the green grass.

Oh, so many potentially offensive jokes to be cracked here, but I don't even have to go there. I believe State Senate President Pro Tempore John Campbell said it best:

“It’s going to be ‘Where’s Porky?’ instead of ‘Where’s Waldo?’”

New decals are being ordered; meanwhile, an investigation is being made into what's being called a "quality control issue."

(Better put the inmates back on license plate duty.)

Do you feel like it was probably a bad idea to let inmates make police car decals in the first place?


Image via Alex Erde/Flickr

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