Donald Trump's Mitt Romney Endorsement Isn't Bad, But It's Not Good

donald trumpThere's news on the Mitt Romney front. It's not good news, it's not bad news, it might not even be news at all, really, but it's here nonetheless. Donald Trump, birther, reality star, and former GOP candidate, announced that he's endorsing Mitt. If you're wondering why you should care, you shouldn't. No one really does. Even Fox News made fun of the whole thing. It's hard to say whether or not Mitt cares, because the press conference he and Donald held was just ... awkward. It's like Mitt was smiling through his teeth the whole time, hoping no one would notice what was going on. I'm surprised he didn't try to avert attention by dropping his pants or something.

If there's anything worse than a bad endorsement, it's got to be an inconsequential one.


It's junior high politics 101: You don't want to be associated with a nobody. And in the political arena, Trump's not necessarily a somebody. Sure, he's got great hair, a fantastic show (I genuinely can't wait for this season's Celebrity Apprentice. Teresa Giudice! Genius), and he's got a crap ton of money. But he's irrelevant when it comes to politics, and that's almost worse than being polarizing.

Say Trump was a Democrat. Would Obama care if he got an endorsement from Trump? Would Hillary? I don't think so, and I don't think Mitt's that thrilled about it, either. He's gotta feign some sort of excitement about the whole thing because, let's be honest, it got his name in the news and we're talking about it right now. But other than the day's worth of free publicity, what else does a Trump endorsement have to offer?

Unless it comes with a stay at Mar-A-Lago and/or a double date with Melania, I'm not seeing it as beneficial whatsoever.

What do you think of Trump's endorsement?


Photo via Boss Tweed/Flickr

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