Dirty Diaper Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

diaperThe stinky culpritQantas flight 825 gave new meaning to the phrase "flying stinks" this week when the plane made an emergency landing because of a dirty diaper. The plane was heading from Darwin to Brisbane, Australia, but was forced to land early at an airport in the town of Mt. Isa -- an airport too small to handle the large Boeing 767, an airport that had to remove the passengers via forklift in a process that took two hours.

While the aircraft was en route, passengers started complaining about a foul smell wafting from the front cabin. Nobody could identify what it was exactly, but the staff deduced that it must be fumes of some sort -- so they emergency landed. Later on, it was discovered that the stank wasn't a real, life-threatening danger to the plane, but only a mere olfactory assault instead: It was a poopy-filled diaper. Investigators are still trying to determine what the baby ate.


Jokes aside ("this really stinks," "what a s**tty flight," "this trip has been crap"), did it really take evacuating the plane in order to figure out what was reekin' up the joint? Isn't the bathroom the first place one goes when trying to locate the origin of something foul smelling? And aren't dirty diapers, like, really specific smelling? I don't have any kids, but I think in a blind smell test, I'd be able to identify one. Here's a hint: They smell like poo!

And then there's the person who didn't speak up. The poor mom or dad who was simply too embarrassed to stop the mass hysteria by pulling an attendant aside to say, "That isn't an engine on fire, it's my kid's ass." I feel for them, really I do -- and perhaps, I, too, would have been too bashful (or oblivious) to say anything. But maybe next time they're heading for a holiday, they'll throw a travel-size bottle of Febreze in the diaper bag or something. Everybody knows that smell. Especially when it's combined with, you know, doo-doo.

Would you speak up if you were the culprit's parent?


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