Zamboni Driver Accused of DUI Teaches Us an Important Lesson

zamboniAt a pee wee hockey game in Minnesota, Joel Buss got a little out of hand. No, he wasn't a manic parent yelling at the officials, nor was he a crazed coach screaming at the kids. He was the Zamboni master -- the beloved figure who cleans the ice between periods. You'd think he'd be an innocuous guy, one that just waves to the crowd as he slides around on the ice, happy to oblige the youngster hockey teams. But in Buss' case, not so much.

Apparently, Buss was drinking on the job. Eye-witnesses claim his eyes were bloodshot, he smelled of Red Bull, and his Zamboni driving was erratic. This kids' hockey game just got that much more interesting.


While trying to navigate the giant house of a motorized ice vehicle, Buss was ramming into walls, leaving dents, and chipping off paint. When it came time to park the thing, he was so all over the place that one of the coaches decided to move the children far away from the area, and to call the police.

The cops showed up and arrested Buss on suspicion of driving while impaired, but as of now, no official charges have been pressed.

Lesson learned. You CAN get arrested if you drive a Zamboni drunk. Huh! All this time. Everyone out there who thought that operating an ice cleaning machine while drunk wouldn't get you in trouble, think again. Hopefully in the future you'll think twice about getting behind that tiny wheel and cleaning some rinks after an appletini or two.

But, in all seriousness, those poor kids. They were probably so mad that they couldn't be on that wild Zamboni ride unraveling right before their eyes. Breaks my heart.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen at a hockey game?


Photo via LordRex/Flickr

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