FBI Chainsaws Down Wrong Door & Terrifies Mom & Daughter

chainsawIf I had to come up with a list of the top three scariest things that could happen to me, it would go something like this: Seeing a little girl ghost in my hallway while I walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night -- particularly one in an old-timey dress and bonnet; being thrown into a pit of hungry, hissing snakes; having my front door chainsawed down for no apparent reason while I'm just lying in bed.

I'm fairly confident the first two scenarios are unlikely occurrences, but after hearing about Judy Sanchez's night last week, I'm not so sure about the third.


Last Thursday at around 6 in the morning -- moments before her alarm was to go off -- Judy heard a loud, pounding noise. When she looked over, she realized that the door to her second-floor apartment was being chainsawed down as if Leatherface himself was paying her a visit. But the waking nightmare didn't end there. After Sanchez's door was kicked down, she heard the clicking of a gun, followed by the words, "FBI, get down!"

Thing was, though, the FBI had the wrong house. Judy lives in 2R; the guy they wanted was in 2F.

Before they realized their egregious mistake, the feds told Judy to "get her dog," a 3-month-old pitbull puppy. She obliged, and while the two were lying on the floor together, the little guy peed because he was so freaked out -- and her daughter sat alone in the other room, screaming "Mommy!" for 35 minutes.

After they saw that -- whoopsie! -- they had the wrong place, they offered what Judy referred to as a "routine apology." She said, "It felt like just a regular, ‘I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Here’s the phone number for your landlord to get reimbursed for the door, have a good day.'" Damn. They're not even paying for the door?

Here's the thing: I get the FBI needs to do what it needs to do when catching bad guys, but ... maybe check the address first? The guy they were looking for was part of a two-year federal investigation -- how could they have the wrong address?! And maybe offer some monetary compensation to Sanchez and her family. I'm thinking both she and her poor little girl are pretty freaked out after what happened. Maybe a little cash for some therapy? At the very least, they deserve a mini-vacation to clear their minds.

From what Judy says, though, doesn't sound like they'll be getting much. I guess the only thing she can take solace in right now is the fact that her neighbor -- the guy they were actually after -- no longer lives next door to her.

What is the scariest scenario you can think of? Go!


Image via Like_the_Grand_Canyon/Flickr

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