Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's Success Secrets: Aerobics & a Husband Who Does His Share

sheryl sambergThe COO of Facebook is about to become a very wealthy woman. In case you haven't heard of her, Sheryl Sandberg has been leading Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg for four years. And if Facebook's IPO goes as planned, she could become worth as much as $2 billion.

I don't know about you, but I get really excited whenever I hear about a women making it this big in business. Lord knows I don't have anywhere near the ambition it takes to climb those heights, but I love that there are moms out there doing it. Here's a few fun facts about this amazing mom.

  1. She's the highest-paid exec at Facebook. Her compensation for 2011 was a big, fat, juicy $30.9 million. That's $295,833 in salary, a bonus of $85,133, and stock awards worth $30,491,613. She even topped Zuckerberg.
  2. She used to work in government. During the Clinton Administration, she was Treasury Secretary Larry Summer's Chief of Staff. Summers was her thesis adviser at Harvard.
  3. Her husband, David Goldberg, is CEO of SurveyMonkey. The couple have two children.
  4. She's on the board of the Walt Disney Company and of Starbucks. Does that mean she gets free coffee and free passes to Disneyland?
  5. She used to date Mark Zuckerberg. Just kidding about that one! But when she was plotting to leave Google for Facebook, she held secret meetings with him at her house. Her husband used to joke it was like they were dating.
  6. She taught aerobics in high school.
  7. She's confessed that she does "feel guilty working because of my kids." But she still thinks it's important that women take up leadership roles in the corporate world. In this inspiring Ted Talk, she says that what women need in order to succeed in business is more support in the home. You know what they say -- behind every great woman is a husband who does diapers.

Do stories like Sandberg's inspire you to be more ambitious?


Image via Ted.com

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