Washington State on the Brink of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage -- Hooray!

LGBT pride heartDon't bust out the balloons, confetti, and rainbow cake quite yet, but ... the Washington state Senate passed a bill last night that would legalize same-sex marriage. Thus, the state is primed to become the seventh to allow LGBT couples to tie the knot. Woot woot! Next, the measure will have to go to the House and be signed by Governor Chris Gregoire (who most of the country has heard by now is in full support of it), and it's looking like both of those developments will go off without a hitch ... as early as next week! Awesome!

Although the journey toward legalizing gay marriage in Washington hasn't been without its bumps in the road -- and those opposed have vowed to go after it at the ballot with a referendum -- I think we should be able to rest easy that once they pass it, the state will be able to uphold the law. (Fingers crossed!) What's more, this is terrific news for the rest of the country.


It's a major sign of progress. It's a step in the same anti-discriminatory direction as striking down Don't Ask, Don't Tell and refusing to defend DOMA. Sure, it might just be one more state, bringing the total of states that have legalized same-sex marriage to a measly seven out of 50, but don't be discouraged!

See, because, in many ways, national politics are like junior high. As more and more people adopt a trend, those who were initially opposed will have to fall in line. Washington might just be state #7, but they're paving the way for state #8, #9, etc. Maybe this legislation will inject new life into the fight in California against Prop 8, and perhaps it will set the stage for Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois to get with it. Who knows? At the very least, knowing that come June, LGBT couples will likely be able to wed in Washington, those of us who support marriage equality should be feelin' pretty optimistic. Because you can bet this won't be the last state to stand up for all couples' rights.

Do you think Washington state's legalization of same-sex marriage will stick? Will it help other states to do the same?


Image via Alex Bellink/Flickr

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