'UFO' Found in Baltic Sea Will Make You Believe (VIDEO)

If you're a skeptic on all things extraterrestrial, prepare to have your mind blown. An object found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea during a sea explorer's search for a shipwreck full of vintage champagne has turned up something quite different. An object many are describing as looking "like the Millennium Falcon" (from Star Wars) is sitting at the bottom of the sea.

Predictably, bloggers and conspiracy theorists have gone wild, speculating that this is everything from a UFO to a remnant of the lost city of Atlantis. It's also the second find of its kind in this particular location. Last July, a team of Swedish researchers found something similar.

At 80 meters below, there sits a "60-meter diameter cylinder-shaped object, with a rigid tail 400 meters long," according to CNN. Here is a video from last summer:


Judging from the photos, one could make any number of guesses as to what this object is. But it does look an awful lot like the Millennium Falcon. See for yourself. It's true, no?

The reality is, we have no idea what an alien spacecraft would look like. Our notion of a flying saucer is entirely based in science fiction, which is obviously fantasy. But many believe (and probably rightfully so) that we aren't alone in our universe and so it would make sense that, at some point, we might discover evidence here on Earth of extraterrestrial life.

Personally, I like the idea, so I am choosing to believe this. No matter what you think, it's unique. The explorers themselves said they have never seen anything like it at the bottom of the sea, even speculating that the object has skid marks indicating some sort of crash landing.

Skeptics will harp on the unreliability of the one-side scan sonar images, which -- admittedly -- do make it hard to tell if an object is a natural geological formation or something different. But isn't it more fun to believe?

As the techniques sea salvagers use become more advanced, there may be more and more discoveries like this. The bottom of the sea is a vast unknown, so why shouldn't there be UFOs? I could believe it.

Does this make you believe in UFOs? What do you think it is?


Image via migfoxbat/YouTube

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