Owl Presentation at a Zoo Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

barn owlWhen you take your kids to the zoo, you expect to teach them a thing or two about animals, maybe a little something about the circle of life, feed them some cotton candy, and call it a day. But if you happened to be in a zoo in England yesterday, you got a little more for your money. Not in a bad way, necessarily, but there were reports that women and children "left in tears." Guess that's bound to happen when folks witness a falconry exhibit go wrong and an innocent barn owl, who was obeying the zookeeper one minute, is devoured by a lion the next.

Whoops! That wasn't supposed to be in the show.


The Sun reports that the owl got distracted during the exhibition, possibly due to a camera flash, flew out of the arena, crashed into a glass window, landed momentarily on the roof of the meerkat enclosure, then took perch on a ledge in the lion's den.

Before you could say what the fudge?!, a lioness knocked the 9-year-old owl off the ledge and a male lion pounced on it and gobbled it right up. (So typical -- amirite ladies?)

Naturally, some zoo-goers were horrified at what they saw -- I can imagine it was all very unexpected. But hey, that's life. Lions eat owls and things don't always go as planned. There's a lesson to come out of this terrifying zoo trip for the kids, after all.

Oh, and parents, there's one for you, too -- don't take a picture when they say not to, lest you want to be the one to explain to Junior that it was your fault the lion's now burping up feathers.

Have you had any dramatic zoo outings?


Photo via lizjones112/Flickr

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