Mitt Romney Is 'Not Concerned' About the Poor & That's Not Okay (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney just won the Florida primary and that is bad news for the "very poor." On Wednesday, in an interview, Romney revealed that he isn't concerned about the "very poor" or the "very rich" and that his focus is mainly on the struggling middle class. This is because, according to Romney's logic, the "very poor" have a "safety net." Oh really?

The "safety net" Romney is referring to is a program of food stamps, etc. Of course, what he fails to realize is that the middle class is, in fact, using some of those very safety nets he is so confident in ignoring. He also fails to realize that the middle class is dwindling at an alarming rate and even those who may have once been middle class may now be very well considered "poor."

It's all part of the Romney package, which is basically a frighteningly out-of-touch multi-millionaire who pays a lower tax rate than most who are IN the middle class and still thinks he "gets it." Here is the video:


It's easy to say that we're misunderstanding what Romney means, but these gaffes are becoming so frequent, it's comical. First he declared, “I like being able to fire people” and claimed (laughably) that he knew what it was like to worry about being “pink-slipped” out of a job.

Romney shouldn't be hated just because he is rich. Most politicians are rich and if they aren't yet, they will be soon. But he is the wrong kind of rich person.

Once you reach a certain level of wealth in this country, you do tend to lose touch with the "common man." It's no crime. It's a symptom of having so much. You forget what it's like to struggle and you can no longer relate as much to those who do. The problem comes in when those who have lost touch pretend they haven't.

That's Romney. He has no idea what it's like to be "middle class" and live paycheck to paycheck and be so deeply in debt you're actually "poor" and you don't know it. Romney's "bootstrap" mentality ignores all the realities of the economy and the things that are out of people's control. If he isn't looking at the whole spectrum of social class, then he isn't "getting it." Period.

How can he possibly say he will not touch the "very rich" or the "very poor" while also saying he will focus on the middle? Part of helping the middle stay that way is taxing the "very rich" who, according to Romney, are just fine where they are.

These aren't the words I want from a presidential candidate. Calling Barack Obama an "elitist" compared to this guy is simply absurd. Romney is so out of touch, it's frightening.

Do you think Romney understands your life?


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