Sorry, Mr. President, Food Stamps Won't Save the Economy

food stamps signAs the economy has supposedly been recovering the past couple of years, food stamps expenses in America have doubled. That’s weird. You’d think people in general would be able to buy more of their own food as the economy gets better and better.

Or maybe the economy isn’t really improving, but the way we look at the numbers shifts. Did you know that the unemployment numbers don’t include those that have given up looking for work? No wonder President Obama is confused about unemployment.


If the economy is getting better, maybe it’s because of the food stamps. The Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, says that food stamps are a legitimate and effective way to stimulate the economy because every product purchased with someone else’s money had to be stocked, shelved, packaged, processed, etc., and those are jobs.

Of course the system is never, ever abused. Ha! Just kidding; it’s actually loaded with fraud and abuse.

Regardless of whether food stamps have saved the economy, I think the prevailing thought on them is that they’re supposed to be a safety net for Americans who would otherwise starve. The goal should be getting people off of government assistance, not adding as many as possible. Prosperity is a good thing, and it would be awesome if our nation were so prosperous that no one had to use food stamps.

The government doesn’t agree. They want people relying on assistance so much that they’re giving $75,000 grants to groups that devise effective strategies to boost participation in SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program -- the official name of today’s food stamp program). 

Is it any wonder why our nation is over $15 trillion in debt?

Image via Mills Baker/Flickr

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