When Anti-Obama Ad Invokes Slave Ship Metaphors, Political Ads Have Gone Too Far (VIDEO)

president barack obama mark oxner adRepublican politician Mark Oxner speaks fairly good English, but he needs a translator for the 39-second political ad he released as part of his campaign for Florida's 27th Congressional District.

In it, a man and woman on a boat called the “The U.S.S. Obamaship” chat about the various benefits they’ve gleaned from being aboard, including a bank bailout and free healthcare for life, while some downtrodden kids and adults row the vessel under the watchful eye of an overseer man with a whip. And who's at the helm of this slave ship? Why it's President Barack Obama! At the end, Oxner lends his mug to this precious piece of videography by adding, “Let's not enslave our children with debt. It's time to turn this ship around.”

Let’s review the basic facts. President Obama is a black man. And any time you draw a parallel between a black man and a slave ship, you’re automatically throwing flames on the fire of disrespect.


Watch the ad for yourself:

That’s a low blow. And usually, it’s an intentional one, much like this is. The good thing is Oxner is a virtual nobody compared to the force that is Barack Obama, a serious contender for the distinction of being the most famous person in the world (now that Michael Jackson is gone, may he rest in peace). So this silly little potshot is but a nip at the ankles of the President.

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But it does embody what I predict will be a trend in the upcoming election: folks kept the kid gloves on the first time around to avoid pulling the race card against “the black guy” in the presidential race. Then they watched from the sidelines, many of them angry and agape, when he was able to win. So this time around, they’re coming out swinging, kid gloves tucked way back in the dark, dank part of the closet. This kind of tomfoolery is going to be the norm for the 2012 race.

This may come as a shock to you, but I appreciate the KKK. I do. You know why? Because I never have to wonder what a Klansman’s agenda is. I don’t have to figure him out, I don’t have to question his motives, I don’t have to spend a lot of time contemplating his angle. He doesn’t like black people. Thinks we’re descended from apes or cursed because of Ham or something like that. It doesn’t really matter. I like that they’re forthright with their racism, straight no chaser. So there’s no opportunity for me to, say, accidentally vote for a Klansman because his racism is going to be the reddest, hottest, brightest part of his platform.

But this Oxner fellow tried to slip it in in the guise of a clever campaign ad. And that’s what confuses some people who just don’t know any better and lulls others into a sense of blank-minded, go-along-with-it obsequiousness. This is racism. It doesn’t have to wear a white hood or burn a cross in the yard. It’s ignorant and it’s intentional, but thankfully, it’s also super lame (and rather low budget, even on a local congressional level). It’s not even so much what he says -- he’s free to oppose Obama politics just like anybody else -- but it's the way he chose to say it.

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Look, the bottom line is this: he could’ve made the same statements about the Obama administration on a beach, in a plane, sitting on a Ferris wheel, riding a pony in the park. He chose a ship full of “enslaved” Americans for a reason. And for that, I hope his tail loses the race. I’ll be keeping an eye on the campaign because I’m sure this is only the first in what promises to be a string of assaults on not only viable political issues, but little underhanded potshots based on race. I won’t give him any more air time in any of the places I blog or write for, but I’ll be in the back of the boat, rooting for his downfall.

What do you think of Oxner's ad? Do you think it's racist?


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