Newt Gingrich's Rise Is Not a Surprise

Recent polling shows that Speaker Gingrich is leading Mitt Romney among Republican voters in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination. This is not a surprise to many of us 'bitter clingers' and silly little rubes who live outside the beltway bubble. The most hilarious thing thus far this election cycle was when Speaker Gingrich won the South Carolina primary and all the 'experts' fell all over themselves trying to explain to us here in South Carolina why we voted for Newt Gingrich. I had many a mad giggling fit listening to people tell me -- a woman living in South Carolina -- that Newt Gingrich could not possibly win female votes. And that it must be racism, or something. Joan Walsh went on MSNBC and proclaimed that Newt was merely the face of racism and "angry white male rage." I was surprised to learn that I was racist, rage-y, and, oh yeah, male. Just call me Lou from now on!


The other alleged rationales given were that we silly little rubes were either emotional fan boys and girls ready to toss our panties on stage or that we were suffering from stompy foot petulance and voted for Newt Gingrich as a way of flipping the bird at The Establishment. Sigh. What hubris on the part of the Beltway Bubble Boys! A little hint for you, fellas: Most average Americans do not care one whit about daft peeing contests involving the nebulous Establishment. Mitt Romney is not very personable nor does he appear to have any strong convictions. Lots of people simply don't care for him all on their own. There is a simple way to explain why Newt Gingrich won in South Carolina and why we are seeing a rise in the polling: "We can't spare this man, he fights."

See, we understand that we are not going to beat President Obama by simply being the Not Obama candidate. In case the 'experts' haven't noticed, people often vote with their emotions and not their Thinkies. How in the heck do y'all think we got saddled with President Obama in the first place? "Oh, he's so historic! We are super awesome, voting for the unprecedented, historic candidate!" Do you really think people are going to admit that they were wrong and give Mr. Historic the boot before term two without a good 'out' to do so? Mitt Romney, he of no ideas nor ideals, is not that 'out'.

The basis of President Obama's campaign will once again come down to class warfare and 'I'm awesome and historic,' and if you don't think so, it must be because racism. To the Left, one is not to be judged on the content of his character, but only on the color of his skin. Mitt Romney, like John McCain before him, cannot and will not push back against such nonsense. Mitt Romney will especially fail to combat the insidious class warfare stuff; he's like a caricature of an out-of-touch, big business man. Speaker Gingrich can and will push back. We can't spare him, he fights. We need big ideas and someone who can articulate conservative ideals and who will champion the same.

Conventional wisdom, which is often not actually very wise, says that Governor Romney is the 'most electable'. Because, polling or something. Huh. I seem to remember polling showing that John Kerry would beat President George W. Bush. How'd that 'conventional wisdom' work out for y'all? That seems to be the only response I receive when I ask just how is Mitt Romney more electable: "But ... but ... polling!" And then basically 'Oh, sweetie. It's okay. Smart people are talking now, dear."

Well, smart people are talking. Smart, everyday Americans who want to fight with someone, not for someone

And they are talking about Speaker Gingrich.

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