Newt Gingrich Rises Like a Phoenix

newt gingrichAt the beginning of the Republican primary shenanigans, I thought Newt Gingrich was a short timer candidate. I never imagined that his polarizing views and questionable character would land him in the front runner spot. Newt Gingrich does not belong at the helm of our country. He is an out of touch bigot who lacks character and reeks of hypocrisy. His holier-than-thou positions are based on condescending beliefs that merit no second looks, and he fails to appreciate the irony in his positions.


Republicans contesting the presidential bid are dangerous to our future, even if they provide some comic relief in the here and now (Michele Bachmann’s only redeeming quality was her entertainment value). This group of Republican candidates stands to set America back decades, if not more, jeopardizing the separation of church and state, women’s rights, and America’s position in the world. These candidates are more concerned with beating Barack Obama than solving Americans’ problems. They lead with harmful rhetoric and offer no viable solutions to put Americans back to work, eradicate poverty, care for the elderly, and bring our troops home. They wax about their conservative, Christian values while behaving in the most un-Christianlike manner. Newt Gingrich takes the proverbial cake here. The man is a phoenix, really.

He is as slimy as the reptile that bears his name.

I keep waiting for the Republican party to step out and yell, “Psyche!” as if the joke’s on us in a cruel game of Candid Camera. There are plenty of level-headed, bright Republicans who want to change the course of America and turn around this lagging economy. Where are the Republicans who care more about America and her people than beating and berating Barack Obama? Where are the Republicans who earnestly want to lift us up more than stroke their own ego and force their own agenda?

I shudder to think what will become of us if Newt sidles up to the desk in the Oval Office. Has the conservative brigade really gotten behind this man who reeks of infidelity and disregard for family? What happened to the family values platform? Repentance and character are not the same thing. If this constituency wants to really own the moral high ground for future elections, they might as well bid it adieu ... sorry, that’s a foreign expression, and we know Newt thinks English should be our national language. Or was his “language of the ghetto” comment masked racism? A vote for Newt Gingrich dismantles the whole moral high ground platform that has been exceedingly popular among Republicans.

Newt Gingrich is plagued by words he has uttered that reveal his true nature. I want to throw things at the television when I see him smirk. I am astounded that people are attracted to this condescending nature of his. Conservative voters are too consumed with emotion to think of the long-term toll Newt’s presidency will take. Republicans are experts at leveraging this segment of voters. They will continue to hide behind non-issues with emotional daggers about gay marriage and pro-abortion mistruths. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Bible, more political handbook than revered scripture it seems, have more to say about adultery than it does about homosexuality? No one will speak of the real issues of national debt, education in the twenty-first century, healthcare costs, the housing crisis, or job creation. The circus will continue, but everyone knows that the clowns are the scariest act.

Many Democrats welcome Newt to the race and think he has no shot at beating President Obama. Some guffaw while they munch popcorn and watch the debates that are rich in entertainment but poor in substance. I can’t say I am one of those people. I watch each debate with half a fingernail chewed to the quick as I boil inside. I am simply not so optimistic that Obama will beat Newt. I’m afraid Americans have let me down before ... take Bush’s reelection for example. I worry that enough bloodthirsty people who are on the anti-Obama hate wagon will turn out to vote for Gingrich as a vote against Obama.


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