What if Newt Gingrich Wins the Republican Nomination?

Newt Gingrich
President Gingrich?
A new Wall Street Journal poll offers some surprising news.

In a survey of Republican primary voters from across the country, Newt Gingrich is leading Mitt Romney 37 percent to Romney's 28 percent.

However, the poll also showed that among general election voters, Mitt Romney has a much better chance than Newt of beating President Obama. Forty-three percent of general election voters would choose Romney while 49 percent would choose Obama. But in a Gingrich-Obama showdown, only 37 percent of voters would choose Gingrich while 55 percent would choose Obama.

As you can imagine, this news has many Republican leaders in a tizzy -- and so we decided to ask our political bloggers the following question this week:

Do you think Newt could win the Republican nomination? And if he does, do you think he could beat President Obama in a general election?


The numbers are believed to be in Newt's favor because he's the favorite among very conservative voters, Southern Republicans, and Tea Party members.

But judging from CafeMom readers' opinions of Newt Gingrich, he'll have a hard road ahead of him if he does in fact win the Republican nomination. We recently took an informal poll of 1,000 CafeMom readers, and Republican and Democratic moms alike had some pretty negative opinions of Newt.

Moms from both parties chose Gingrich as the candidate they'd least want to join for a cup of coffee. Forty-four percent said they'd never allow Newt to babysit their children, and 42 percent said they'd trust him least with a secret.

Republican moms who answered our survey questions decided that Newt Gingrich would be the LEAST likely to pull over if they were stranded on the side of the road. They also said they’d trust him least to change a diaper.


These were "fun" questions for CafeMom members to answer, but they have real implications when it comes to voting decisions. If so many women are leery of a candidate's trustworthiness, they're obviously not likely to vote for him as president, particularly if they don't feel a strong allegiance to the GOP.

Newt may not have a very good chance in a general election, but his popularity among GOP voters does promise to make the Republican primaries far more interesting.

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Do you think President Gingrich could be sworn into office next January?


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