Barefoot Bandit Gets Mild Sentence Despite Rude Emails Mocking Law Enforcement

Colton Harris-Moore Mug ShotThe Barefoot Bandit, Colton Harris-MooreColton Harris-Moore, also known as the Barefoot Bandit, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison by a federal judge on Friday. This sentence will run at the same time as the seven-year state sentence he's currently serving, which began in December. When you think about it, it's really not that harsh of a punishment for what Harris-Moore did.

The 20-year-old led cops on a two-year goose chase, managing to dodge them in stolen boats, cars, and planes (yes, he flew planes) -- usually without shoes on, hence his nickname. He also plead guilty to 33 charges involving the burglaries of homes, identity theft, firearm left, car theft, and attempting to elude a police vehicle to name a few.

But Harris-Moore's actual crimes aren't what ought to piss law enforcement officials off the most. The emails he sent from prison making a complete mockery of them are.


Before his federal sentence on Friday, and before expressing his "regret" in court for what he did, and even before his attorney stated that Harris-Moore wants any profits from book or movie deals to go to the victims of his crimes (and there have been deals), emails written by Harris-Moore ridiculing police and prosecutors were unearthed. They were sort of Harris-Moore's final F.U.

In the emails, the Barefoot Bandit refers to Sheriff Mark Brown as the "king swine," calls prosecutors in his case "fools," and refers to news reporters as "vermin." He also bragged about his two-year crime spree (which, let's face it, as wrong as it is, is pretty impressive), saying: "The things I have done as far as flying and airplanes goes, is amazing. Nobody on this planet have done what I have, except for the Wright brothers."

The nasty emails were used in court as an example of how not sorry Harris-Moore is. One of Colton's lawyers claims that the emails were meticulously plucked out of the more than 700 pages of emails and phone transcripts. You know what? Clearly, that's true. But also, clearly, Harris-Moore isn't sorry. And that, coupled with the crimes he committed, deserves more than a measly seven years in jail if you ask me.

Do you think the Barefoot Bandit deserves more than seven years in prison? What do you think he deserves?

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