Warning: Adorable Baby Otter Could Cause Overdose of Cute (VIDEO)

otter babyFull disclosure: I have always, ALWAYS wanted an otter for a pet. I know, not the most practical idea ever ... but still, a more feasible choice than the animals some kids daydream about owning (I mean, really, a giraffe? The way I saw it, all I really needed to make the otter thing happen was a pond in the backyard. No sweat.).

Anyway, judging by the sudden popularity of this rescued otter baby video, I guess I'm not the only grown-up kid out there with an otter obsession.

And even if you're not otter-ly crazy for these adorable creatures? Well, I can promise you this much ...


You will be. About two seconds into this video of orphaned 10-week-old baby sea otter Cayucos being all cute and swimmy and squeaky and smushy and ... oh god, I don't even know what. I heart otters, and that's that.

Just watch ...

I dare you not to dig a hole in your backyard for an otter pond! Yeah, just go and get the shovel. Resistance is futile.

How cute is this otter??

Image via msnbc

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