Newt Gingrich's Moon Colony Plan Is No Joke (VIDEO)

newt gingrich"Newt-mentum" appears to still be going semi-strong, despite the latest astronomically-crazy (literally) claims out of the presidential candidate's mouth. What, hadn't you heard? Gingrich has vowed that by the end of his second term (HAHAHA), there will be a "permanent base on the moon ... and it will be American"!! Oh yes, and also ... "by the end of 2020, we will have the first continuous propulsion system in space capable of getting to Mars in a remarkably short time, because I am sick of being told we have to be timid, and I am sick of being told we have to be limited in technologies that are 50 years old." 

Wow, you go, Newt -- thinkin' big, shootin' for Mars! OMG, OMG. But, wait, because it gets even better!!


Apparently, not only does Newt want us to get that U.S. base up and runnin' by 2020 on the moon ... but he's all about colonizing up there. Oh, oh yes. He actually said that once 13,000 people are on the base, they can "petition to become a state." Err, hold, please. Let me attempt to wrap my head around that and see if actually could make sen--bhahahahahahahaha. Never mind!

But, okay, say we try to take Newt seriously. Sure is big talk for a little guy who blasted NASA as recently as this past summer ... who is on board with his Republican colleagues' persistent attacks on President Obama for every penny he'd like to invest in America's future. It's also sort of strange, considering all of the other messes we should probably consider cleaning up first, um, here on EARTH! Ironic, doncha think?

And it's not even like his GOP colleagues think what he's proposing makes much sense at all. Just consider what John McCain said in response to the ludicrous idea:

I think we ought to send Newt Gingrich to the moon and Mitt Romney to the White House. What do you think about that?

Haaa. Rarely do I agree with Senator McCain on anything, but this has potential ... you know, sans the Romney bit. Just goes to show how nutso Newt is lookin' with every passing day. But, hey, if he wants to bury himself with these asinine ideas, let 'em. No skin off Democrats' backs!

Here's Newt actually talking about his "moon bounce" ...

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What do you think about Newt's big ideas?


Image via AmericanSolutions/Flickr

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