Rick Santorum Thinks College Brainwashes Kids

Rick SantorumCan someone please get Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum a copy of the Princeton Review or the Big Book of Colleges? The former Pennsylvania Senator showed up in Florida this week to stump for votes in next week's primary without giving the list of universities in America a good look-see. The result? He's convinced that President Barack Obama is encouraging the nation's youth to attend college because it's the perfect place for "indoctrination" by the left.

Oh come on! Surely this conservative Roman Catholic must know the nation's full of right-leaning, religious-affiliated schools too. For a guy who wants so desperately to take helm of a country that claims to be "home of the free," he seems to have a big problem with letting Americans exercise their freedoms.


Santorum is cranky because every college in American isn't teaching the conservative values he holds so near and dear to his heart. As he told voters in Naples, Florida:

If they taught Judeo-Christian principles in those colleges and universities, they would be stripped of every dollar. If they teach radical secular ideology, they get all the government support that they can possibly give them. Because you know 62 percent of children who enter college with a faith conviction leave without it.

That's right! Blame the college! It couldn't possibly be that those 62 percent actually decided for themselves that they were done with religion. We do have freedom of thought here in America, after all.

And while we're on the freedom discussion, perhaps Mr. Santorum would like to visit a place like Brigham Young University, the uber-conservative Mormon school in Utah where the honor code polices students' speech and beverage choices? Or how about the ultra-Christian Bob Jones University where male and female students must be CHAPERONED if they want to spend time in the same room off campus? Students who opt for one of these schools are practicing principles that aren't the norm in society, and yet they're protected to do so under the freedom of religion so revered by the likes of Santorum. And by his definition, that's indoctrination!

If he wants to be our next president, Mr. Santorum has to get something straight. If you protect someone's right to think or say one thing, you also protect someone else's right to say and think the opposite ... or you risk losing your own right to be you.

If he can send his kid to be brainwashed, er, indoctrinated by the right, I think I should get to send my kid to a college where they will be free from the chance of the conservative hive-mind trying to shove their ideology down their throat.

What are the chances this guy will actually get your vote?


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