Politician Steals Speech From … Michael Douglas Movie? (VIDEO)

michael douglasWhen Australian politician Anthony Albanese recently gave a speech skewering opposition leader Tony Abbott, the audience was mesmerized. And there's a good reason for that -- he had one hell of a speech writer, Aaron Sorkin.

See, Albanese's speech wasn't just reminiscent of Michael Douglas' in the 1995 movie The American President, it was a complete rip-off. And although I kind of feel bad for Albanese, who says he had no idea of the plagiarism, watching his speech and then Michael Douglas' right after is pretty much the greatest thing I've seen all week. Check it out.


I've gotta say, if this were a debate between Albanese and Douglas, Douglas is the clear winner here. He owned that speech. Granted, he probably had a few more takes and really good lighting, but still -- how about a little more conviction, Albert?

Now, this isn't the first example of plagiarism in politics (Joe Biden ripping off Neil Kinnock, anyone?), but it certainly is one of the more amusing -- particularly since there's YouTube-eriffic evidence. And particularly since Michael Douglas was the person being plagiarized.

Look, I understand that people plagiarized and have been plagiarizing since the beginning of time, be it journalists, musicians, or students, but politicians should be more cautious of this crime than anyone. They're always going to come out looking like the biggest fools. Especially if they're reciting something from a mid-'90s movie. I mean, Michael Douglas is a likable guy and all, but seriously, I don't think I'd want him in office.

Does this video make you smile a little bit? Have you ever caught someone plagiarizing?

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