NYPD Commissioner May Have Mishandled His Son’s Rape Accusation

Greg KellyBy the time they're 43, most kids are on their own when they make a mistake. But Greg Kelly isn't most kids. The New York City reporter facing a rape accusation is the adult son of New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. And papa has a lot to answer for in the handling of the case.

The New York Times broke the news that a woman filed a complaint in Manhattan's 13th precinct Tuesday night, claiming Greg Kelly, a guy well-known in the city for his gig as co-host of Good Day New York on WNYW, Fox 5, had raped her last October at her law office. That was three months ago, but both an anonymous source within the NYPD and Ray Kelly seem to admit the allegations could have come to light a lot earlier. Why didn't they?


Well, from the looks of things, Commissioner Ray, when approached by the woman's boyfriend at a public event, may have bungled things. The law enforcement source told the Times the angry boyfriend told Ray Kelly that Greg had sexually assaulted the woman. The commissioner's description is slightly different; he says the man simply told him that Greg had "ruined" his girlfriend's life. But everyone is in agreement on Ray's advice.

He told the guy to write a letter.

It's more than a little ironic that the rape charges against Greg Kelly have come to light now -- less than a week after Ray Kelly issued a department-wide order admonishing members of the NYPD for ignoring civilians who want to report a crime. If reported story is true, then ahem, pot; meet your kettle!

I understand that the boyfriend made the approach in public, which doesn't make for the best venue to discuss something as private and serious as a rape allegation. But as the top cop in a city with an already beleaguered police force, it's Ray Kelly's job to go above and beyond to make sure his city is safe. And when the issue is within his own family, he should be that much more concerned about ensuring his actions are above reproach.

Sure, Greg is a grown man, and his actions aren't Ray's responsibility, but as a public figure, the commissioner surely knows people want to know their top cop is serious about crime. All crime! I'm not a cop, but I know I'd be pretty P-O'd if someone told me my kid had ruined someone's life. I would want details, pronto.

At the very least, Ray Kelly could have asked if the man would wait while he made his excuses, then taken the man back to his office. He could have given him the name of a police officer who would be able to handle the situation promptly. At the very least, he could have asked the boyfriend for his name and phone number, promising to meet up with him in a more appropriate spot.

Instead, it sounds like Ray Kelly may have brushed it off with a call for this guy to "write a letter," and this doesn't look good when we're thinking about the way a head cop should handle problems. Hopefully the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., which is dealing with Greg Kelly's rape case, will handle it better.

If you were faced with someone claiming your child had ruined someone's life, how would you react?

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