Jan Brewer’s Heated Exchange With President Obama Looks Disrespectful (VIDEO)

Jan BrewerHere's a photo of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer that will haunt her forever -- or not. Maybe she's proud of it. Yesterday when Obama flew into Phoenix Jan Brewer met him on the tarmac. We may never know exactly what happened, but reporters say the two had an "intense" conversation. Oh yeah, and this happened: She was snapped wagging her finger at the President of the United States.

So. There are many different ways we could interpret this photo and Lord knows the Obama-haters are pumping their fists right now like drunken frat boys. "Yeah, you showed him, Jan!" And that's all the more reason why I think this photo makes Jan look bad. Bad as in: Ill-tempered, out of line, disrespectful, inflammatory, out of control, desperate -- should I go on?



It's bad enough that she went there with the finger wagging. Girl, what were you thinking?!? This is not your dog. This is not your 7-year-old grandchild. This the President of the United States. Can you imagine if Governor Janet Napolitano had done that to President Bush? I can't, actually. She has more dignity and poise.

Apparently Jan had asked Obama what he thought about her book, Scorpions for Breakfast. Supposedly, he said he'd read the part where she describes a meeting they had -- he thought it had been cordial, she thought he'd been condescending -- and he disagreed with the characterization. So... what was she expecting him to say? Kind of sounds like she picked a fight with him. "Hey, Mr. President, what did you think about that book I wrote where I whine about how condescending you are?" "Um, not my favorite, but thanks for asking."

And then she gets to go on Fox News and flaunt her finger-pointing for the hungry hoards of Obama haters, which is really gross. But worst of all, she makes women like me just cringe because seeing a woman finger-wagging a man always brings to mind that horrible word, "SHREW." It's a word used to describe a woman who feels powerless and resorts to flailing and scolding. It's not an empowering gesture for women -- and yes, I would be just as disappointed if Nancy Pelosi did it (maybe more so). There are more dignified ways to disagree with the President.

What did you think of the finger-wagging Jan Brewer gave Obama?


Image via ABC News


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