President Obama's State of the Union Was Full of Lies & Delusions

President Obama continued his legacy of being Campaigner-In-Chief last night with a State of the Union address that was full of campaign rhetoric and meaningless platitudes and not much else (shout out, swing state-y Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Raleigh!) Well, except for lies and delusions, natch. He's good like that. And truth, like math, is hard.

It was an awesome speech, if one takes delight in hearing what they want to hear, regardless of the veracity thereof, and prefers to see the world as they want it to be, rather than how it actually is. Otherwise, not so much. 


Oh, warm and fuzzies! He's totally For the Women and unicorns and fairy dust! The real world and the real state of the Union are quite different, however. Thankfully, since the America that President Obama tried to portray is not one we should seek to achieve; where success is punished and government reliance is encouraged. Hope and change? In Obama's world, hope floats -- on a sea of lies and enslavement.

Despite all the lofty rhetoric, President Obama doesn't understand the most basic of concepts. American Exceptionalism is due to freedom and individual liberty, not government reliance. Government doesn't make us; we make the government. But what else could we expect from one so out of touch with  reality that he uses Detroit as an example to emulate? Detroit. To most, Detroit is sadly an American tragedy. A devastating example of what happens when a Liberal agenda and Nanny State policies are left to run amok.

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President Obama didn't discuss the alleged crowning achievement of his administration. He spent less than fifty words, out of seven thousand, on Obamacare. We were told that for our own good we must pass that bill and then find out what's in it. Guess he found out at the same time -- Wow. Really proud of it, huh? Gee, I wonder why it was neglected? Perhaps because it is an abysmal flop of a failure?

Instead, he uttered delusion after delusion and lie after lie. Governor Romney summed it up by saying that President Obama is "detached from his own reality." He further went on to say "This is a president who talks about deregulation, even as he regulates. He talks about lowering taxes, even as raises them. He talks about developing all of our energy resources, even as he tries to shut them down." Keystone pipeline, anyone?

Exactly so, mixed in with the oh-so-typical and tiresome class warfare. The omnipresent Warren Buffet Secretary made yet another appearance. I want to know who is stopping Warren Buffet from mailing in an extra check to the IRS? And who is stopping him from, you know, paying the evidently poor and suffering secretary more? That makes too much sense, I suppose. Far better to just whine and veil people in cloaks of victim-hood.

Feel good-y nonsense about forcing school districts and states to make dropping out of high school illegal was mixed in with tales of how you can rely on the government to send your child to college. And rely on the government to plan your retirement. Evidently, those are the only two things to which we should aspire and if we dare to dream higher than that,  you will be punished. I mean, President Obama thinks that at some point y'all have made enough money. Your pay, you see, is not 'above his paygrade'. Fairness and stuff! Or something. And, of course, to President Obama and the Left, the government never makes enough money.

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It's the most damaging legacy of the participatory ribbon generation. Equal opportunity is not enough, to the deluded. Magical pixie dust -- and the iron, liberty-crushing hand of The State -- is meant to ensure equal results. Well, that's not how life nor freedom works. Freedom isn't meant to be some weird version of 'fair'; it's just free. Equal opportunity does not nor should not ensure equal results. Success should not be punished. Failure should not be rewarded, even if we are told that something is 'too big to fail'. 

The only things that are actually too big to fail are America and freedom. But that requires talking and acting like grown-ups. That's why I'll file away President Obama's State of the Union address as the meaningless -- and interminably long -- campaign speech that it was. Instead, I hope we all take Mitch Daniels' response to heart: "We will advance our positive suggestions with confidence, because we know that Americans are still a people born to liberty. There is nothing wrong with the state of our Union that the American people, addressed as free-born, mature citizens, cannot set right."

It's time to take off the government's bossy pants and put on our collective big boy pants. Or, preferably, big girl skirts. 


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