Amanda Knox’s Return to Italy Shows She Has Serious Integrity

Amanda KnoxIf you've ever wondered how American Amanda Knox survived four years in a foreign prison, we may now have the answer. The Seattle native is brave. Incredibly so.

Knox, who was released from an Italian penitentiary late last year when her murder conviction was overturned, has announced that not only does she still "love Italy," but she's planning to go BACK to the country where she was imprisoned on the charge of killing roommate Meredith Kercher.


Technically it doesn't sound like Knox has much choice in the matter. Her parents, Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, are facing legal troubles of their own in the Italian courts for allegedly slandering the Italian police in their quest for justice for their daughter. They could face as many as three years in the Italian slammer if they're convicted. And OF COURSE, Amanda just so happens to be their best witness.

Gee, thanks Mom and Dad.

The couple seem to have had their hearts in the right place when they told the Sunday Times of London that Italian police were abusing their little girl, and I highly doubt they foresaw this pickle. But quite a pickle it is. The last time Amanda was in Italy, she alleges she was forced into a murder confession and then whisked off to jail pronto.

Honestly, I am not ashamed to admit I would be nervous about this one if I were Amanda Knox. I'd have a good, long, hard talking to with my parents to see just HOW BADLY they need me. And then I'd be asking the lawyer why I can't just phone it in. I mean, it worked for the Penn State trustees who wanted to fire Paterno. Why not an American student totally screwed over (ahem, allegedly) by a country's judicial system?

I will say, the fact that she's booked the trip gives me even more respect for what this girl has been through. She's got the integrity to stand up for the people who stood up for her.

If you were Amanda Knox, what would it take to get you back to Italy?


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