'What's Brewing': Are Child-Free Weddings Offensive to Moms?

what's brewing logoDoes it seem like your appetite for videos of adorable babies laughing and animals being silly can never be satisfied? Can you not make it through the day without a large helping of the latest celeb gossip? Well, then you've come to the right place.

Each week in our "What's Brewing" video series, we bring you five of the most interesting, most talked about posts that you just may have missed on The Stir. Today, we're talking about several issues that have moms all riled up including: whether "child-free weddings" are offensive, and if celebrity chef Paula Deen hawking diabetes meds is unethical. Sounds deep, right? Well, we've also got some fun, lighter stuff -- like video of a baby's hilarious reaction to her dad's noises -- that you won't want to miss. Let's dig in!


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Did you have a CFW?


Paula Deen image via Splash; Zebra attack video via MeganVS/YouTube; Baby's funny reaction video via Fatherhoodls/YouTube

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