Costa Concordia Fake Death Scam Is a New Low for Humankind

cruise shipOh, humanity. You never cease to stoop to new lows. In the wake of the Costa Concordia tragedy (where, so far, 16 people have been reported deceased), some people are actually concocting plans to make money off of the whole mess -- and not via giving interviews or writing tell-all books (though I'm sure those are to come), but via lying about family members dying in the horrifying crash.

A couple was recently arrested in Hungary after falsely reporting two people missing from the boat. A New York lawyer who's representing six Hungarian survivors smelled a scheme after he was contacted by the woman. Apparently, she kept asking him how much money she could be compensated for her missing daughter and granddaughter -- and her story kept changing.

Way to stay classy.


Turns out, one of the names the woman was reporting belonged to a woman who had been missing for years. Then, after a little digging, investigators were able to find that the alleged missing woman's mother had been dead for years. "It was absolutely clear that it was a fake story," a Hungarian Foreign Ministry official told ABC News.

After stories that kept changing and a battery of questions, the couple eventually came clean. They were arrested and are going to face criminal procedures. When asked if he believes this will be the first of many cases of people attempting to take advantage of this tragedy, Larry Ronai, the lawyer who helped get to the bottom of this, replied, "I think so."

I know there are always a few out there, but I'll never understand people who try to capitalize on other people's grief or, in this case, a massive tragedy. It's not only atrocious, it's terrible, terrible karma. You know, if you believe in that sorta thing. Which I'm guessing these types of people don't.

How awful is this? Have you ever known someone to claim something like this after a tragedy?


Image via Jennifurr-Jinx/Flickr

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