Gabby Giffords Is Still Upstaging the President the Day After the SOTU (VIDEO)

Gabby Giffords Barack Obama hugTo say it's been an eventful year for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords would be putting it lightly. Since she was shot last January by a deranged gunman during a meet and greet back in Arizona, she's become Gabby to us, a woman we care so much about, we should get to use her nickname, right? But you know a lady has truly made it into the hearts of Americans when she manages to upstage the president of the United States at his own State of the Union address.

Some are calling it President Barack Obama's kick-off to a successful bid for re-election. But I'll call it what it was: a kick-off to today's lovefest for a three-term Congresswoman who has beaten incredible odds and is stepping out of the job on the highest note possible.


Yeah, yeah, some people may be talking about the president's spilled milk jokes and his promise to make natural gas drilling companies spill the secrets on their mysterious fracking fluids. But everyone is talking about him wrapping his arms around our Gabby in a big bear hug:

Sniff. Sniff. Bawwwwwl.

If the president of the United States stopping to cuddle with you before giving the most important speech of the year isn't enough, if an entire hall on their feet wasn't enough, it gets better. Some Americans today are actually taking swipes at the president not for what he said but because he had the audacity NOT to mention our favorite Arizonan (sorry John McCain). And, of course, Giffords' last piece of legislation, a bill she introduced to impose tougher punishment on smugglers who use small, low-flying aircraft to illegally bring drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border, got bipartisan support today, her last day in the House of Representatives even in our rancorous political climate.

Sorry, Mr. President, Sir, but that's Gabby - 1, Barack Obama ... 1/2?

What would you like to say to Gabrielle Giffords as she leaves Congress to focus on her recovery?


Image via Getty Images/Mark Wilson

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