State of the Union Made Obama Look 'Smarter & More Effective' Than His Opponents

President Obama delivers state of the union address
President Obama delivers 2012 State of the Union address
Tonight, President Obama addressed Congress in his third State of the Union, and make no mistake -- this last huge speech before he hits the campaign trail also offered an opportunity for Barry to make a case for re-election. Yeah, it was his chance to get his brag on about his accomplishments. And to make some promises.

As it turned out, he did both ... and also had various cheer-worthy moments, one of which was when he hugged Rep. Gabrielle Giffords before he spoke. Overall, though, his address offered what could really only be described as a breath of fresh air after weeks of all the polluted extreme-ism the Republican candidates have spouted, their concerns and strategies that simply do not resonate with 99 percent of this country.    


The President discussed the challenges facing most of us and how he believes we can grow an "America built to last." It all seemed pretty logical to me ...

He said it's time to stop giving "bailouts, handouts, copouts" to the banksters and other corporate giants who have done nothing but abuse their power and bury our economy with greed. Use the money we'll now save since pulling out of Iraq (promise kept, check!) to invest in clean energy and education, which will bolster America's future. Finally freakin' ensure that women are getting equal pay for equal work (seriously, what the hell year is this again?!). Stop bashing teachers and requiring that they "teach to the test!" Get rid of regulations that don't make sense, while standing up for the ones that do, like holding Big Oil accountable for spills, protecting our kids from mercury poisoning, making sure our food is safe (big one for me -- how about banning BPA or curbing E. coli breakouts?), or ensuring we don't return to a time when health care companies could cancel your policy unexpectedly or charge women more than men just because! Tax millionaires a fairer, yet measly 30 percent. He also likened the way our government should function and work together to the way the military already does ("All that mattered that day was the mission").

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How could anyone argue with any of these aims? Yet, the card the Republicans keep trying to play is that there's no room for these supposedly overly idealistic goals. To them, it's too late for America to make sure we're not left the dust when it comes to technology, energy, education, etc. As far as they're concerned, the President just wants to spend invisible money. 

But that's not what many other Americans heard or saw tonight. We saw a leader who was on-point, defiant, as well as fair, standing up to Congress by saying he'll "oppose obstruction with action" while reminding them that the American people deserve better than to believe that "Washington is broken." No kidding!

Obama also said, "We should all want a smart, more effective government." But he should have added (although he certainly implied) that we should all want a government that believes in its people. After hearing this State of the Union, I feel like at least we have a President who believes in us and cares about Americans' futures. As for Congress getting on board with that? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

What was your takeaway from the State of the Union? Did you agree or disagree with President Obama's goals for the most part?

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