Military Says 'It Gets Better' & They Should Know (VIDEO)

it gets better military outserveBy all definitions, Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign that urges kids to stay strong, regardless of being "Born This Way," whichever way that is, has been incredibly successful. Celebs and regular volunteers all over the world have lent their voices to the cause. Now, another group is getting involved, and their participation in particular means so much to so many.

OutServe, the military's association of active LGBT members, organized a group of service members to make a video explaining exactly how, in their opinion, it gets better.


Here's the absolutely amazing clip:

Love it! And can we talk about how this is way more revolutionary than you might think at first glance? It's one thing to see celebs or other kids or adults talking about it getting better. Not to minimize their messages whatsoever, but there's something especially gratifying about seeing deployed U.S. military taking on this once taboo topic. Because before Don't Ask, Don't Tell was ended this past July (thank you, President Obama!!!), there's no way they could have made a video like this.

The facts that DADT is ancient history now, that these service members can finally be open about their identity, and that they play a role in Savage's campaign, assuring kids that it gets better ... prove that it really has gotten better -- for the entire LGBT community! (Meta, right?!) That just makes it even more awesome to hear these service members detail their personal challenges and victories and to know these days, they're feeling truly accepted -- by themselves and others.

Sure, we have many more challenges to overcome, but do you think this video illustrates the progress we've already made with gay rights?

Image via intheNarmyNow/YouTube

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