Sarah Palin's Slam at Fellow Politician Is Totally Sexist

Sarah PalinI'll say this for Sarah Palin. Just when you're thinking it's been awhile since she said something really stupid, the former vice presidential candidate always comes up with a real gem! And this week's sexist smack at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shoots right to the top of Palin flubs.

The thrilla from Wasilla said Christie has his "panties in a wad" because her favorite GOP presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, managed to take the South Carolina primary. Christie, of course, backs Mitt Romney. But wait, you ask, is this the same Sarah Palin who spent much of the 2008 presidential campaign accusing the media of gender bias every time someone criticized her? Why yes!


The same Sarah Palin who liked to tell women there was a special place in hell for women who don't support other ladies just used an offensive term used to degrade women! I would delight in the irony, but I'm too busy fretting that this phrase will make its way back into acceptable terminology. 

We all know panties are typically female underwear. It's not my favorite word (really, what's so bad about underwear?), but there it is, just a word. Until suddenly someone is using it describe someone being somehow disagreeable ... especially a male someone. And now what is it? A reminder that there exists a whole world where it's OK to put someone down by pretending they're "girly."

Let me put this bluntly: if you're talking about something typically associated with femininity to describe someone in a negative way, you are being sexist. This extends to, but is not limited to terms such as: "you throw like a girl" or "stop acting like such a p***y."

As a dedicated word nerd, I'd like to challenge the world to work a little harder to insult their pals and political rivals. Not only will it make you look like less of a buffoon, but it's fun. No really. Would you rather cut someone down with a comment about panties or call him a crotchety cantankerous crank? Thought so!

What are the sexist jabs you wish could be removed from the vernacular at once?


Image via sskennel/Flickr

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